Bunyan & Baumgartner LLP engages in the general practice of civil law with an emphasis on public employment labor law as it relates to police and fire unions. Bunyan & Baumgartner LLP provides the following services to its labor law clients:


                             Contract Negotiations
                             PERB Mediations
                             Interest Arbitrations (PERB)
                             Preparation of Grievances
                             Grievance Arbitrations (PERB and AAA)
                             Improper Employer Practice Actions (PERB)
                             Defense of Employee Organization Improper                              Practice Actions (PERB)
                             Representation at employee interrogations                              (GO 15 type hearings)
                             Representation at disciplinary hearings
                             Representation for disability and retirement                              issues
                             Court representation on civil service issues,                              contract issues and general labor issues                              (Article 75 Proceedings, Article 78 Proceedings,                              Declaratory Judgment Actions and other Civil                              Legal Actions)